For businesses who need to step up their digital marketing activities and strategies,
Frontier Digital is your trusted partner to leverage activities by providing digital tools and
strategies to increase quality traffics, engagements and conversions through automation.


Digital Media Audit

Digital media performance audit including: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
Social Media and Website Maintenance

Define Strategy & Solutions

Create an optimized strategy for customer touch-points.
Social listening and analysis for content development.
Digital, marketing, and creative strategies.

Marketing Automation

Efficiencies with automation through Email Marketing.
Tools & Platform to give leverage within digital activities.



Media channels below aimed to:

Offer information for existing or potential clients.
Pull Visitors (Inbound), Newsletter (Outbound).
Increase database in terms of quality and quantity.


Social Media





Frontier Digital offer tools and platforms to:

1. Customer journey management
2. Connecting brands with local publishers
3. Buzzers & influencers network expansion
4. Email Marketing Automation
5. Social Media Paid Promote Channel





DigitalOne offers a simple and intuitive platform to build any kind of customer journeys and touch-points. Digital One offers different methods from other marketing automation tools. Lead data precision, control, attracts, engages and converts potential audience into customers in one platform.   The right ads, right place and right price are the issue that ASCOPE Ad Exchange comes in as a solution. As a digital ad platform, ASCOPE Ad Exchange offers a convenient way for advertisers to optimise their campaigns and publishers to monetise their websites, blogs even mobile apps.   Spradz! is a one-stop service, which integrates digital platform and buzzer-influencer community to help brands & products to spread the awareness exponentially. With open dashboard feature, get full control of your promotion with Spradz!


Plan the most effective social media marketing strategies confidently with Social Metric. As social media analytic tools, Social Metric provides a smarter way to analyze, evaluate and gain in-depth insights of your social media assets.   Evita Chatbot is an AI based chat assistant application, specifically programmed for companies and businesses to help answering questions, offering products and receiving transactions in an effective & eficient way. With Evita Chatbot, interacting online with customers is a breeze, even in non-operational hours.



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